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Company dynamics


Company dynamics

1"CNC vertical column mobile vertical lathe" subject through task acceptance

2018-05-24 21:26:55

Recently, the subject of "CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", which is the lead of the Limited by Share Ltd, has successfully passed the task acceptance. The research group completed a series of key technologies and processing technology research on the C axis structure of the superheavy and super large worktable and the static pressure guide technology of the worktable, and successfully developed the prototype of the vertical milling lathe for the vertical column, and carried out the related experiments, and put forward the concrete methods to improve the reliability and the stability of the machine tools.

The maximum machining diameter of the vertical milling lathe is 25 meters, the maximum machining height is 6 meters, and the maximum workpiece weight is 550 tons. It is the largest double column vertical lathe with the largest processing diameter in the world. The machine tool worktable runout not more than 0.02mm, equivalent to people standing in a rotating 10 meters in the diameter of the rotating Trojan horse, touching the outer edge of the rotating wooden horse disc, the disc slips in the palm of the palm of the silk flutter is still less than 1/4 of the hair diameter. The machine tool is mainly used for processing large water turbine runner and lower frame center body. The work piece can complete the processing of car, milling, drilling, boring and tapping. The machine has already been put into use in the Chongqing water turbine factory limited liability company. It has become the key key for the precision machining of the super large and super heavy parts. The equipment has brought significant economic benefits to the company. At the same time, the key technology and processing technology of the subject have been applied to the heavy machine tools such as CNC vertical lathe, CNC heavy horizontal lathe, NC deep hole drilling and boring machine and so on. It has played an active role in the development of the machine tool industry in China.

Vertical milling lathe with numerical control column moving will be widely used in the processing of large parts such as deep sea drilling platform, large aircraft, heavy ship diesel engine, million kilowatt class nuclear power equipment, thermal power equipment, large hydropower equipment and large scale petrochemical equipment. It is an important equipment to influence the national economy and the people's livelihood, no matter to improve the equipment of China. The overall level of manufacturing industry is of great strategic significance to the development of China's large ships and aircraft manufacturing industry. The successful development of the machine tool provides more choices for customers in the field of high-end and Heavy CNC machine tools, promotes market competition, reduces the cost of purchasing, advances the technological progress of our equipment manufacturing industry and improves the competitiveness of our equipment manufacturing industry.

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